God Is A Black Woman , acrylic paint , 2021

PRINCE, pencil and gouache, 8.5"x12, 2021

Maya Angelou, pencil and gouache, 8.5"x12, 2021

Cicley Tyson, pencil and gouache, 8.5"x12 , 2021

Billie Holiday, pencil and digital background, 8.5"x12, 2021

Ms. Lauryn Hill, pencil and gouache, 8.5"x12, 2021

Chadwick Boseman, oil pastel, 8.5"x12,  2021

Lekeli47, oil pastel, 8.5"x12, 2021

Grace Jones, oil pastel and glitter, 8.5"x12, 2021

SZA, oil pastel, 8.5"x12, 2020

Colourism Is Racism's Little Sister (African Mean Girls play - final scene), 2019

WITH ME AT THE TABLE, watercolour, 2019

Modern Renaissance, oil painting, 2019 

FRIDA, acrylic paint, 2018

drip, ink and watercolour, 4"x5.5", 2019

roaches, watercolour, 2017

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